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IPG Morocco (ICE: 001509504000076) is a multimedia contact center established in 2012 that stands out for its approach and quality standards. IPG Morocco located in Rabat, within meters of the main telecom operators.

The IPG Morocco call center management teams have an extensive experience in customer relations. All our teams are attentive to the needs of their customers, offering them the best services for their projects.

As a company, IPG Morocco relies on pioneering know-how, abundant creativity and innovative tools. IPG chooses strategies that are beneficial to the commitment of its partners, in a positive and booming environment.

That’s why the IPG call center in Morocco is developing dynamically and is aspiring to the rank of major economic player in its industry. To allow the company to remain the reference and a key player in the call center industry, IPG Morocco relies on qualified human capital.


Our vision & mission

Our business is built on strong and clear vision of its development project. At IPG, no talk but concrete actions!

IPG Morocco continuously wants to optimise and renew the dialogue between our clients and their customer relations, and this in the most effective and efficient way and within their budgets.


Our mission

  • To be the best of the best in the contact center industry by offering high-quality products, advanced technologies and impeccable services tailored to the present and future needs of our customers.
  • To exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering outstanding products and services.
  • To be the preferred partner of our customers.
  • To keep the promises we made and in this way, remain proud of what we do.
  • To be profitable in order to compensate our shareholders and other stakeholders, and to finance our growth.

IPG in Morocco


1 Angle Rues Al Michmich et Addalbout , Secteur 10, groupe 5, Hay Riad
10100 Rabat - ICE: 001509504000076
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