Working @ IPG

Working at IPG Morocco is working within an atmosphere where conviviality, team spirit and respect take the lead. We’ll always be there for you:  the role of the maintenance and technical teams, the management and the HR department is to support and to empower our consultants to do their work under the best conditions.

At IPG Morocco, work and merit are rewarded! We know everyone by name!

Meet our people !

IPG-people are real people. People with character, who are driven in what they do. People who have a passion for the magic world of contact centers and who, day in, day out, do their utmost best to make the difference… with pleasure… and that, you notice. Meet some of our people!

Why IPG?

  • Become best in class by joining our team.
  • Unleash your potential. New staff members are absorbed from day one into the company culture and get every opportunity to develop their careers in-house.
  • Know your work matters. You and your work are valued! Initiatives by the staff members themselves are also encouraged!
  • Internal promotion. For IPG, makes internal promotion is a priority. 95% of internal promotion in 2013-2014.
  • Support and training. To improve the skills of every employee, our HR department carries out a personal support and training plan.
  • Working environment. A pleasing, secure and healthy working environment is our top priority.