Our clients

IPG Morocco has gathered a lot of knowledge within various industries, among which Technology, Telecom, Finance/Insurance & Assistance, Pharmacy & Healthcare and Utilities & Energy.

The service towards the customer makes all the difference and the quality of the customer service today still has an enormous influence on the customer’s choice when different brands are weighed against each other.

Getting launched with IPG Morocco means reaping the benefits of best practices within the industry you belong to.

IPG Morocco has a varied portfolio of customers belonging to the technology sector. Also the services we are extending are very diverse: from customer service to telesales and customer retention.

Our advisors work with a high-tech infrastructure going hand in hand with your hunger for innovation. They manage your entire range of products and services and know to convince your (future) customers to choose for or stay with your brand.



“Flexibility, true partnership combined with high skilled people, a cocktail for successful off-shoring”

Manager French Excellence (Telenet)