Full-range and full-channel contact center

IPG Morocco covers the full range of contact center services. The right combination of people and technology enables us to bring each project to a successful conclusion.

Moreover, we engage with your customers through all communication channels: chat, e-mail, social media, phone, text messages and self-service.

IPG Morocco creates unique solutions for unique customers by taking into account all required parameters.


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IPG Morocco

IPG Morocco, established in 2012 and located in Rabat, is a multimedia call center vouching for a professional handling of all your customer contacts. IPG is more than a call center: we are experts in managing customer interactions.

IPG Morocco offers tailor-made solutions for your projects. Our expertise goes well beyond that of traditional call centers. For instance, monitoring online communication and social media is part of our expertise. We are taking part in the age of multimedia and are ready for Web 3.0 !

IPG would like to be your call center partner in Morocco. Together with you, we want to achieve an optimal customer experience.